Richmond Centre

One of my happiest memories is of sitting in the Richmond Centre food court with my dad, awash in warm sunshine, happily enjoying ice cream. Richmond Centre has changed a lot, but it's still got those beautiful skylights!

Spring in Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale is one of the loveliest places in Vancouver, especially on a sunny day. Though today was rain as usual, yesterday was all sunshine! I can't wait till the weather gets really warm and it's ice cream weather again!

Park Bench

The ultimate serenity. Being able to sit down on a warm, balmy spring day and bask in the sunshine. When the metal bench beneath your thighs is neither freezing cold nor burning hot. Perfection!


Went for a stroll to Gastown with my dad today ... interesting weather in Vancouver right now. One moment it's rainy, the next sunny, the next both together, and so on. No wonder I have a cold! Continue reading

Welcome to

Hi everyone! Welcome to my lifestyle blog, I have a variety of interests that I not only want to learn more about , but that I also want to share with you. I want to get better at photography, perfect my recipes, and chat about fashion and beauty, all while delving deeper into these subjects and sharing them with you. I hope that in this way, this blog will be a channel for both my personal growth, and yours. Continue reading